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The title is so cliché but why not?

Let's start where it all began, I started having abdominal pain in the month of December 2016. At first, I thought I had cramps, I even thought of pregnancy cramps but the pain was getting worse especially during the evening. The pain felt like someone is stabbing me every 2 minutes and it felt very sharp. It does not last though; it comes in a wave. At the same time, I also felt very bloated and my lower back started to ache. There was one evening that the pain was intolerable that I decided to go to a clinic, now that I think about it, I should've gone to the ER instead. The doctor gave me some pills that will ease the pain and eventually, it will go away. Mind you I was crying in front of this doctor and I still don't get how he didn't push me to go to the ER. smh

On Christmas Eve, I told my sister-in-law what I've been feeling and showed her the pills that was prescribed to me. She was confused to why the doctor gave me those drugs and told me not to take them (she's a nurse). I jokingly told her what if I have cancer? that's what I've been told by "google" when I research of what my symptoms were haha. PS never google your symptoms, it gives you the worse case scenario. Unfortunately, on my end, it came true. haha not really funny 

On December 28th during the evening around 10:00 PM, I started having cramps and it got worse throughout the night. I also remember throwing up everything I ate that day. I tried to move and position myself on a certain angle so I can feel less but this time, it didn't work. Every time I move, the pain was just getting worse. At some point, I had to stay in the bathroom because I had to keep getting up to throw up. I even tried to sleep on the bathroom floor. I was all alone with my niece at the house. I remember my niece was giving me a lecture of eating right the next day. haha what a child! After a long night, I decided to finally text my dad at around 5:00 AM, both of my parents were working at night and I ask him to take me to the ER when he gets home. 

Around 8:00 AM, as soon as my parents got home, they took me to the ER. At first, the nurse thought I have gallstones because my mom had it once. Knowing what I know now, I wish I did. Doctor gave me morphine every hour for the pain which got me really high, it was a long night I definitely needed that. I did some blood tests, urine tests which both came out negative. Doctor didn't find anything unusual so they did more tests. I had an x-ray and ultrasound, both results also came out negative. I did a final CAT scan.

It's already 7:00 PM, I've been at the hospital all day. To be honest, I didn't really notice the time, I was doing good with all the morphine that's been given to me. haha let's just say I was in good hands! After a long day of waiting, there were a couple of nurses that came to see me and pull me aside "we found a tumour in your colon and you might have colon cancer. We're going to admit you tonight so we can run more tests and do surgery" (summary of what they basically said to me) At this point, I was so high and didn't really know what was going on. I didn't ask questions because what they told me did not fully sync in. Both nurses were surprise that I didn't react to the news. duh I was so high! They told me to call my family so that the doctor can talk to them. I guess they realized I wasn't in the condition of processing the news. When my family came, I looked at their faces and all I can see is worry and that's when it hit me that this is real... 


  1. Micah, I love your honesty and your strength. It breaks my heart that you are going through this, but to hear that while this disease has claimed your body, your ever resilient voice shows us you refuse it to claim any other part of u. I get angry at cancer. It is like a vile force of evil that changes who we are by taking bits and pieces of our bodies one morsel at a time. Keep writing, Micah, never lose your voice! In doing so, you show cancer and the world that it isn't our bodies that make us who we are - it's the spirit that lives within it! I cannot be more proud of you and your raw description of your journey. Thank you for being so open, sweetie! You are my hero!

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