God has given me more days to live and I'm just taking it day by day with my husband. My dad's also been amazing by my side each day and I need to start trusting him more as well. I forget to acknowledge how much this man means the world to me. I don't know what God has plan for me but I know he's here every step of the way and he will heal me. I just need to start trusting him because I've lost my mind along the way and I completely forget why I'm living it day by day. I need to go back to reality and face that I'm still living. I need to live and thank every single day that I'm still breathing. I just need to trust. I'm getting myself together again and get back to reality. I'll be doing this naturopathy which I needed from the very first beginning. I will start working on it next week and get my self all together again. Best believe, I'm a tough little cookie. haha I try! 


  1. Micah, what a wonderful gift that you are still living...I was worried because your Facebook page was taken down yesterday and I thought you had died...I want you to live so badly...I am praying for you everyday...I want you to be healed so badly but I will also accept God's plans for you...I hope that you will check out that book I recommended to you...the 'Anti Cancer a new way of life' book by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber...he was a doctor who had a very aggressive brain tumour and he changed his lifestyle to an anticancer lifestyle and he ended up living almost 20 years instead of the 6 years he was told he would live...he ate anticancer foods like organic fruit and vegetables, meditated, exercised...he was a bicyclist...I hope that this book will help you to live longer...remember, even though I have never met you, I love you and care for you very much...blessings to you...xox

  2. Micah, it looks like the Facebook thing is not working properly...other names are not showing up, too, besides yours...

  3. My dear Micah, love can conquer all disbelieves, discourages, and difficulties. I'm so glad that you are loved by all your family, friends, and God. With love, you've showed your strength, courage, believes to this world, and most importantly you've conquered those difficulties. I believe your love have deeply enlightened so many of us, and especially you have greatly encouraged me to take the new path I'm fighting with everyday. I will keep praying for you, thinking about you, and loving you. Your love has deeply rooted in my heart, and your strength to fight has always encouraged me to be stronger, and to love back more. I'll always love you and lend my strength to you, because I know you always love us and lend your strength back to us as well. xoxo

  4. Sending prayers all the way from Edmonton!!

  5. Thinking of you every single day. You are so amazing to me. Sending you lots of hugs & kisses.

  6. Micah I do not know you but since I saw your story on the news iam praying for you EVERY SINGLE day, Iam typing this in tears as my heart breaks but you are going through so much. God bless your beautiful soul and I pray for you to have a happy and healthy future. You have touched so many peoples hearts and strangers like me. I pray for you dsrling xoxoxoxoxoxo

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