Calgary, AB, Canada
On February 28th was my 2nd round of chemo, this time around was a lot better and I tried my best to be prepared as well. I was on top of my game by taking all the medicines and natural remedy to prevent what I felt like the first round. Although, I still felt some side effects but it wasn't as bad as before.

The first 2 days of chemo, I didn't feel any side effects. I was able to eat this time. The 3rd day was different. I felt a little nauseas during the morning but I didn't puke. When I got to the hospital, I was still not feeling my best. When they removed the chemo, my port this time was looking a lot better. It was not swollen and it wasn't as bruised like a few days ago. I can tell it was healing. Also, I used a numbing cream before they insert the drugs so I didn't feel the pain and when they removed it, it was quick and easy. As soon as I got home, I puked. I think it's the smell of the hospital that made it worse and when you start puking, it doesn't stop there. I couldn't catch up to my side effects. not again! lol I guess you can say I was only on top of my game on the first 2 days. haha it's ok there's a 3rd one!

It took me a few days again to recover from the side effects but I'm definitely improving and learning from my mistakes. I will eventually get this right, I believe it! lol 

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