Calgary, AB, Canada
I've talked about my side effects earlier on but I didn't really get into details on how I've been dealing with it. not that I'm an expert! but these are the things that's been working for me so far. 

There are so many drugs that my oncologist prescribed to me but I haven't been using them because the pills that was given to me have side effects from it too which is why I decided to use cannabis mainly for nausea.

Cannabis is natural and so far, it has helped me. I was recommended by my naturopathy Dr he's amazing! and from other people as well. I'm currently using CannTrust cannabis company. There are 2 types of cannabis: THC and CBD. The difference is THC is for recreational meaning this will get me in a better mood and see a better outlook on life when I'm feeling down and CBD is for medical meaning this will help me from my side effects. I use both.  

I'm currently using oil cannabis 2x/day to prevent my nausea and also, to maintain it but sometimes, it's not enough so I vape dry cannabis who has more CBD and it's effective right away (PRN) unlike the oil, it takes about 30 min to work. I can use this as much as I want during the day. Then before I go to sleep, I use another dry cannabis that has more THC so I can sleep better. 

Other remedies that I use for nausea are ginger oils. I put them on my pillow, my feet or my stomach. 

As for my other side effects such as rashes, I take antibiotics (Doxycycline) 2x/day prescribed by my oncologist. This gives me nausea as a side effect so I have to take oil cannabis 30 min before I take this. My rashes are getting a lot better but my skin is so dry so I take a bath with coconut oil. I still haven't found any good moisturizer for my face to deal with dry skin but I'm currently using "Egyptian Magic" it's all natural. 

Tingling sensation is also one of my side effects. I usually feel them on my hands so I use turmeric powder with coconut oil. It does the job! I mix them then I put it on top of my fingers then I put on some disposable gloves. trust me, turmeric can stain! 

I'm getting a lot better dealing with these side effects. I hope my 3rd chemo will be perfect! haha i hope! 


  1. I love you Micah!! You are the strongest Maganda I have met!. Lina

  2. I don't know you, however a family friend of mine does and you truly are a warrior. I don't even compar3 to the struggles you go through on a daily basis, however I know what it's like to feel ill and feel helpless. I have been on and off ill for over 10 yrs and still no docs know what is exactly wrong with me. I am 31 and still dealing with the ups and downs of health. It sounds like you have an amazing support system around you which is so important to keep that flicker of light to keep burning bright. I truly wish you a miracle from the universe and I will absolutely keep you in my prayers. Do you also take probiotic supplements to help with the harsh medications / antibiotics? Also, Serrapeptase is another thing I have been told by my natropathic practitioner to use. It helps dissolve any scar tissue in the body. Not sure if you have heard it but I thought I would let you know♡

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