Calgary, AB, Canada
My bowels are slowly working and I've been taking medications to stimulate bowel movements and shrink the tumours. Before I left the hospital, my oncologist wants me back for chemo. Unfortunately, I don't want to go to that road again. I've tried it and it didn't work. 

My family and I are thinking to go natural like what we wanted at the beginning. Unfortunately, it's not covered by our health care system. I will be doing treatments by a private clinic "Pyatt Health Centre" with Dr Matt, who's been with me throughout my journey since I was diagnosed. He gave me tips and other treatments while I was undergoing chemo. - http://www.pyatthealth.com/ Right now, the treatments are Hypethermia Therapy with IV. I sincerely ask for your donations to help us fund this treatment. Any monetary value is highly appreciated! 

In the event of my passing, the remainder of the money will be donated to "Young Adult Cancer Canada" - http://www.youngadultcancer.ca/

Here's the link to my Go Fund Me -


God has been blessing me every single day and he gives me hope that the battle is not over yet! I will fight until he tells me not to anymore! 


  1. I am glad to hear that your bowels are slowly working...I support you in this new direction of not going the chemo route but I am not able to help you financially because I am not working...thanks for the update...I will keep praying for you and I sincerely hope that the Pyatt Health Centre will be able to help you...

  2. Hi Micah, all the best on your way to recovery. I also very much support your new direction in treatment. I have been reading a lot about cannabis oil and mistletoe Not sure whether you already had a chance to look into that.... God bless, René

  3. HI Micah I donated today and I see your fund is going well . Your story has touched my soul . I send your this quote .And it is from my heart . May the road rise up to meet you.. May the wind always be at your back.. May the sun shine warm upon your face ..May god hold you in the palm of his hand ..

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