Calgary, AB, Canada
My boyfriend is finally back home from work for awhile. oh how I've missed him! We finally have the chance to spend some time together and have plans to go for date nights before my 4th chemo starts again but little did I know, things are about to change...

I complained to my boyfriend that my abdominal pain starts to feel a little pinch but I shouldn't be worried because I thought that chemo is just fighting my cancer cells. I woke up with an unbearable pain around 5:00 AM so I woke him up and letting him know. I took pain killers but it didn't work. I thought to myself I remember this pain... this is the same pain that I had prior to my diagnosed back in January. 

I asked my boyfriend to take me the emergency. He took me right away. The pain was just getting worse. I couldn't take it, it was so painful. The Dr sent me to take an x-ray test, came out negative so he asked me to do a CT scan. as per usual, i expected this! I went back to my emergency room right after the test and they changed me to a private room. I couldn't help but cry because I was never taken to a private room before. I started to panic. like really panic! This is wrong, I shouldn't be here ! why am i here? I just had the worse feeling. Of course, my boyfriend was there to comfort me and make me feel better so I just let it go and enjoy this private room. 

The Dr finally came after a couple of hours, he said my intestine was twisted and I shouldn't be worry because it usually just goes back to normal after a few days especially with the surgery I just went through, it might have just moved around but he's not an expert so he needed a surgeon perspective before he sent us away. 

The surgeon finally came, they said I need to go through surgery... 

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