On February 9th, I was scheduled for my port. Here's a little summary of what it is;

 "A Portacath (Port) is an implanted device giving access to veins for patients who need regular long-term administration of antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs."

I didn't really know what to expect. The Dr came to see me right away and explained what he's going to be doing. He spoke so fast like as if he was in a hurry. I didn't get the chance to even process what he was saying. He showed me what he was going to insert on top of my chest and I just couldn't believe how big it is. This is where all my chemo drugs are going to be inserted and this is actually really happening. There's no turning back... Again, it looked exactly like i'm going for a surgery but this time, I was on sedative so I knew what was going on. Dr and nurses kept pushing my chest trying to insert the port. There was one point that I started to feel the pain so the Dr had to stop. He said that he's not use to putting this port to a young adult, my skin was new and fresh so it was very challenging to insert it. As he was saying that, I was thinking I shouldn't even be here! 

The nurse who was there throughout my surgery was really sweet, at the end of it, she came to me and said "we'll make a deal, I better see you again to remove this port" I started to tear... not because I was sad but because I imagine of what it would feel like when that time comes; when the battle is finally over.

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