Calgary, AB, Canada
I can't believe I'm ready for my 3rd round of chemotherapy. This time, I put on my sweatpants so I can be comfortable and also, put on some make up to make myself feel a little brighter even if I'm just going for my treatment. 

The first 3 days of treatment went well. I didn't have any side effects while I was on chemo. I got to manage my side effects using the cannabis. Unfortunately, as much as I want to be hopeful and not feel any side effects, I still did right after I removed my chemo. The 4th day was brutal as usual and as I expected. Saturday comes, I still feel like shit the best way to describe chemo. lol forgive my language!  I still got up and enjoy the weather! I had to! it was too good to pass on! I still puked right after I got home though. lol I got my strength back on Sunday and got to drive around the city all by myself. I got to see some of my work friends and it also felt nice to feel like I didn't need to depend on anyone for a second. 

3 DOWN, 3 MORE TO GO! I'm half way there! 

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