Calgary, AB, Canada
As much as I want to stay positive, there are days that fucking sucks. Lately, I've been following a few bloggers that are going through the same battle and today, I heard a famous blogger who's been sharing her story recently passed away at 34. This type of news just really hits me hard. It reminds me how my life can end very soon. "you only have a few months to 3 years maximum to live" what my Dr said just keeps replaying in my head. "you only have a few months to 3 years maximum to live" I think about my life and I'm not ready to go. "you only have a few months to 3 years maximum to live". 

I don't know what God has in store for me. I still have so much to do. I want to travel the world and I want to start a beautiful family with my boyfriend. I want to spend more time with my mom and my dad. I cannot leave my loved ones just yet. I ask God for healing and I know I just have to trust him but what if he decides to take me away? 

Sometimes it's just really hard to stay positive.


  1. MAganda mahal kita :) Lina

  2. I really feel for you, Micah...

  3. Doctors can say whatever they want, but miracles happen every day! Have faith and truly believe you will beat this, and you will! Feed your body the good stuff, keep your mind positive, and enjoy every moment! You got this!! Xoxoxo

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