After they remove my chemo drug, I got to go home but the side effects do not stop. 

Here are a few that I've experienced so far:

1. Tingling sensation - I can't eat or touch something cold and I can't go outside when it's -20C. The first time I felt it is when I was getting vegetables in my fridge to juice and it was the weirdest feeling at first but after a few more seconds, it started to hurt like a bitch. After I made my juice, it was slightly cold but not too cold. stupid me for trying it! my throat started to hurt as well. lol not funny but thinking about it now, why the hell would I even try! smh 

2. Hair Thinning
After a few days, my hair started to thin. It wasn't a big chunk of hair besides I have A LOT of hair so I really don't mind. I pay to get my hair thin!

3. Diarrhea or Constipation
It's either or but on my end, diarrhea. I'd rather experience this instead of constipation. lol

4. Rash
I started getting rashes like bad acne on my chest, my back, my neck and my face. definitely killed my confidence! Truth be told, this really affected me. I cried because of this. I don't have the urge to go out because I felt really ugly. I know I shouldn't care about what I look because it's just temporary and it will go away but I'm already sick and the last thing I want is to look sick as well. Thank God I have an amazing boyfriend who still looks at me and tells me that I'm beautiful. I swear I fall in love with this man more every day.

I'm just getting through this day by day and I know despite all of this side effects, I believe good thing will come after this. 

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