For a month and a half, I didn't have any treatment due to my surgery. I needed to heal before I start chemo. I asked my oncologist if I can request a pet scan before I start any treatment. Pet scan is exactly like a Cat scan but it's detailed. Although, I wasn't able to get it done before chemo. I was schedule on February 23rd just a week after chemo. I wanted to have a base so that I can compare after a few cycles if chemo is really working and I also wanted to see if it has spread elsewhere since I haven't had any treatment after a month long. I also changed my diet so I wanted to see if it prevented it from spreading. 

I got my results on February 27th. Just a few days earlier, I kept praying and hoping that it hasn't spread elsewhere. My prayers were answered. 


  1. Praise the Lord indeed for His miraculous and continuous work in your life and situation, Micah..God is great and I specifically giving praise to the Lord for His loving kindness and presence in your life..keep the faith in Him growing, we are all here for you as well..

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  3. Hi, Micah. I’m so happy that you PET scan results were positive! I can only imagine what was going through your mind while not getting any treatment as you recover from surgery. I think changing your diet and continually praying helped a lot more than you would expect. I will pray for you too as you continue with the treatments.


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