Calgary, AB, Canada
On January 30th, I finally had my appointment with my oncologist at Medical Care Centre. I had my dad, my mom and my boyfriend who came with me. I must say this Dr had no empathy whatsoever to my condition. It was literally just another regular day for her. Right off the bat, she said "All cancer stage IV is incurable". Definitely a good way to start a conversation "What a bitch!" as I was thinking at that time. I know doctors hear this type of news every single day but this news is new for me and I was hoping a little empathy from her.

As she went on about my diagnosis and chemo treatments, truth be told I was waiting for her to tell me about hair loss. Of all the things that I should be worrying about, I worry about this! typical me! haha then she said "only hair thinning but there are rare chances of hair loss" I'm just holding onto hair thinning, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Moving on to chemo treatment, I will be doing FOLFOX with Panitumumab. 

1. Flourouracil 
2. Leucovorin
3. Oxaliplatin 
4. Panitumumab

4 Drugs in total for 2 and a half days for 51 hours of chemo every 2 weeks for 3 months total of 6 cycles. BRUTAL! Then, if everything goes well with chemo, I will go for a second surgery where they will be doing a chemo bath. Another surgery... *sigh

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