Calgary, AB, Canada
After surgery, I had to rest for a month of January & beginning of February before I start chemo. It was definitely a tough surgery that I had to go through, I doubt I would even be fully recover when they want me to start chemo. Doctors are so eager for me to start treatment. I guess my cancer is so rare especially at my age, they are so curious to work on me. I don't know if I should take that as compliment but I was asked at the beginning if they can use my diagnosis as research for future cancer patients. 

The month of January was definitely tough physically and mentally but I had to take it day by day. Every new pain that I think wasn't right, I was going to the ER due to being so paranoid thinking "I might have infection or has it been spread elsewhere? maybe in my lungs or liver?" I went 3x to the ER to make sure that I have no other complications. At one point, I thought the colon that they resected was "disconnected" haha paranoid much? But thank God, all unexpected ER visits was negative and I'm still in "good" health.

I had my follow up with Dr Harvey who did my surgery after a couple of weeks, he said everything looks good and no signs of infection so far. Thank God!

My appointment with an oncologist is close by... just patiently waiting. All this is waiting game... definitely not looking forward to it.

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